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Healthy coverage fur your family™

Why Choose Furkin Pet Insurance?

Bounce back with our comprehensive coverage


$20,000 annual coverage

Keep everyone in play with $20,000 in annual coverage that renews each year. Whether your pet needs a little pick-me-up or a full-on rebound, Furkin is here for you for accidents, illnesses, sick visit exam fees, prescription medication, and more. 

80% reimbursement

Help your pet – and your finances – bounce back with 80% of your total eligible expenses reimbursed directly to you for whatever curveballs life may throw. 

3 deductible options

With Furkin Pet Insurance, you have the power to personalize your pet insurance policy. Choose from three deductible options, allowing you to tailor your monthly premiums to fit your budget and ensure you’re getting the best coverage for your pet at a price that fits your needs.

How does Furkin compare?

See how Furkin coverage stacks up against other pet insurance providers.

Furkin Pet Insurance covers what other providers may charge more for or not cover at all.

Accident waiting period
Illness waiting period
Multi-pet discount
Sick visit exam fees
Rehab & alternative therapies
Pet owner assistance benefits
Live chat
24/7 Telehealth support
Furkin Pet Insurance
48 hours
14 days
Once annually
2-15 days depending on insurer
14-30 days depending on insurer
Some use 'per condition'
not included or costs extra

What's covered with

Alternative therapies
Anesthesia and surgery
Applicable taxes
Blood tests
Cancer treatment
Diabetes treatment
Emergency care
Imaging (CT scans, MRI and X-Rays)
Medical procedures
Referral and specialist fees
Sick visit exam fees
Physical therapy
Prescription medications
Prescription food
Vomiting and diarrhea
...and much more!

Plus a package of healthy perks

These are just a few of the extras that round out your coverage.

Gift box with multi-color hearts floating out and Furkin ball laying on the side


Your coverage also includes:
  • Lost pet advertising and reward
  • Medical devices
  • Coverage while traveling
  • Boarding fees
  • Holiday trip cancellation
  • Prescription diet food
Read our full policy to see what’s covered, what’s not, and much more!

KINdred spirits

Furkin Pet Insurance is more than just a pet insurance plan.


Supporting you and your policy are a connected community of pet lovers and pet care providers who share a common bond – to protect the health and wellbeing of these important members of our families.

We’ll jump at the chance to help – by phone, email or chat – when you and your pets need us most.


Healthy fur them

We understand that today, you live, play, laugh, cuddle and bond with your pets like never before. Our plan is designed to help protect that bond with the kind of health care you would expect – and want to provide – for any member of your family.

Healthy fur you

There’s never been a time where your financial certainty was more important. Furkin helps you bounce back from new or unexpected veterinary bills and gives you the confidence to choose the best veterinary medical care for your pet when they need it.
How can we help? We’d love to hear from you and are here to answer any questions you may have.