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How Pet Insurance Works

What is Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance can help you rebound from an unexpected pet injury or illness by only requiring you to pay a portion (co-insurance) of your total eligible veterinary or care expenses. You are then reimbursed the balance of these expenses after your annual deductible has been paid.

Our data shows that a large number of vet bills are over $1,000.

At Furkin, you'll get reimbursed up to 80% of your total eligible expenses to help you and your finances bounce back.

You are responsible for paying the co-insurance amount of 20% on all eligible expenses, after which your annual deductible or any remaining balance of your annual deductible is applied.

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Dog Insurance

Knowing your four-legged friend is covered in the event of an illness or injury can help put a bounce in your step. The cost to insure your dog is determined by their breed, age and location, plus the deductible level you choose.

Cat Insurance

Pet insurance for cats provides coverage that’s purrfect for when your feline friend experiences unexpected illnesses or injuries. The cost to insure your cat is determined by their breed, age and location, plus the deductible level you choose.

All dogs and cats must be between 7 weeks and 14 years of age to be eligible to enroll for a Furkin Pet Insurance policy.
Once your pet is enrolled, you can continue to renew their policy for life. 

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How does pet insurance work?

  1. You visit the vet and receive treatment for your pet’s accident or illness.

  2. You pay the vet and file your claim.

  3. You are reimbursed a portion of your expenses based upon the policy you have.  

With Furkin Pet Insurance, you get reimbursed up to 80% of eligible expenses for accidents and illnesses. That’s up to $20,000 annually less your deductible (if applicable).

Pet Insurance Questions

How are premiums determined?

With pet insurance, there are various factors that are used to determine initial premium costs:

One factor is where you live, because the cost of veterinary medicine varies greatly across the country. 

Another factor in determining premiums is the species and breed of your pet. For example, simply due to their sheer physical size large breed dogs will incur greater medical costs (e.g. medications) than mid-sized or toy dog breeds and cats.

The final determining factor in calculating premiums is the age of your pet when they are first enrolled for coverage. Older pets are more prone to various medical conditions and as such the premiums will rise as they age. 

Will my premiums go up if my dog or cat gets sick?

Pet insurance providers almost always consider a pet’s claim history when determining the premium upon renewal. With most insurers, a pet owner who has had many claims, or filed large claim amounts for a pet, could generally expect their premium to increase to offset the costs incurred by the insuring company. This is referred to as claims risk management (CRM).

At Furkin, we do not practice CRM, so your pet’s claim history will not affect its future premium. 

One key factor that may impact the cost of your premium over time (and this applies to all the pets we insure) is the increasing cost of veterinary medicine due to advances in treatment options and the rising costs of operating a veterinary hospital.

How do I know what my policy covers?

The best way to understand your coverage is to read your policy and speak to your provider's customer service team.

Your Furkin policy will clearly outline all inclusions (what is covered) and exclusions (what we don't cover). If you’re still unsure you can always contact the Furkin care team at 1-888-453-1088, or chat with us on this website.

Find out more about Furkin's benefits and deductibles.

What’s not covered?

With pet insurance pre-existing conditions aren’t covered. This is because, as property and casualty insurance, pre-existing conditions are a known event and pet insurance is designed to cover the unknown and unexpected events and conditions.

A pre-existing condition is defined as 'any condition which first occurred, manifested, displayed signs and/or symptoms of, was treated, diagnosed or has been known by you, and/or your veterinarian prior to your pet's coverage effective date, as stated on your Declaration Page, or during an applicable waiting period.'

With Furkin, unreasonable veterinary fees and chronic, uninsurable conditions are also not covered – along with various other excluded items – which are all outlined in What's Not Covered in your policy.

Knowing what is not eligible for coverage under your Furkin policy is key to making important decisions about your pet's care and helps you avoid confusion about your coverage in the future.

For more information about Furkin coverage, contact our care team at 1-888-453-1088, or chat with us on this website.

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