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The Furkin Best Dog Insurance in Canada

Still paying full price for vet bills?

Furkin offers comprehensive dog insurance to save you money on veterinary fees, emergencies, and more. Get affordable pet insurance, eligible with any licensed vet in Canada or the United States!

Need Dog Insurance? Try Furkin.

Dog insurance helps dog owners like you save money on vet bills and recover the costs of an unexpected pet injury or illness. With dog insurance, you only need to pay a portion (coinsurance and deductible) of your total eligible veterinary care expenses. 


If you’re in the market for convenient and affordable dog insurance, it’s time to give Furkin a try! We provide up to $20,000 of pet health insurance coverage per year – offering a huge relief from the weight of emergency or unexpected pet expenses.

Why we're awesome

Comprehensive coverage for accidents and illnesses
Works with any licensed vet in Canada or the U.S.
We cover what other insurers don’t (or charge extra for)
Exam fees and taxes included
Flexible, age-based deductible options

What's covered under dog health insurance?

Furkin Pet Insurance helps alleviate some of the stress from unexpected veterinary costs - reimbursing up to 80% of your total eligible veterinary expenses! We offer comprehensive dog health insurance in Canada and cover what many providers don’t - like hereditary conditions, imaging, diagnostics, exam fees, taxes, and much more.

What's included

Your Furkin Pet Insurance coverage for both illnesses (e.g., cancer, diabetes, etc.) and accidents (e.g., hit by a car, etc.) includes, but is not limited to, the following professional veterinary services:
Alternative therapies
Anesthesia and surgery
Applicable taxes
Dental injuries
Emergency care
Sick visit exam fees
Prescription medications
Referral and specialist fees
Hereditary and Congenital conditions
Imaging (CT scans, MRI and X-Rays)
...and much more!

Tap into a full package of healthy perks at no extra cost!

These are just a few of the extras that round out your coverage!
Furkin dog insurance makes it easier for you AND your pup to bounce back. Beyond your usual dog health insurance coverage, Furkin also includes more than $3,000 in additional annual benefits to our members:
  • 24/7 Telehealth support
  • Lost pet advertising and reward
  • Medical devices
  • Coverage while travelling
  • Boarding fees
  • Holiday trip cancellation
  • Prescription diet food

Ok, but what doesn't dog insurance cover?

Furkin Pet Insurance provides coverage for unexpected accidents, illnesses, and emergencies — in other words, the situations you don’t see coming. 

When pet owners bring a new furry friend into their home, they can reasonably expect the “known” costs of pet ownership such as routine and preventive care (like annual exams, vaccines, or spay/neuter). These expected routine care costs are not covered under traditional pet insurance. For other situations, there are a few exclusions to consider. Pre-existing conditions or elective procedures, such as some devices and cosmetic procedures, are not covered under dog health insurance plans.


Why aren't pre-existing conditions covered?


If pet insurance companies didn’t exclude pre-existing conditions, it would be easy for some people to wait until their pet developed expensive conditions before enrolling and starting to pay for insurance. This would cause premium costs to go up for all other responsible pet parents.


It’s important to read the policy of any dog insurance you’re considering to make sure it’s a right fit for you and your fur family.

How does Furkin compare?

See how Furkin coverage stacks up against other pet insurance providers.

Furkin Pet Insurance covers what other providers may charge more for or not cover at all.

Accident waiting period
Illness waiting period
Multi-pet discount
Sick visit exam fees
Rehab & alternative therapies
Pet owner assistance benefits
Call center
Live chat
24/7 Telehealth support
Furkin Pet Insurance
48 hours
14 days
Once annually
2-15 days depending on insurer
14-30 days depending on insurer
Some use 'per condition'
not included or costs extra

Healthy fur them

We understand that today, you live, play, laugh, cuddle and bond with your pets like never before. Our plan is designed to help protect that bond with the kind of health care you would expect – and want to provide – for any member of your family.

Healthy fur you

There’s never been a time where your financial certainty was more important. Furkin helps you bounce back from new or unexpected veterinary bills and gives you the confidence to choose the best veterinary medical care for your pet when they need it.

How does dog insurance work?

Your Furkin dog insurance becomes effective upon enrollment following respective waiting periods. Here’s what to do when it’s time to file a claim:


Visit your vet or emergency clinic

With Furkin, you can use your existing vet in Canada or visit a new vet if needed. We also cover emergency clinics and specialists in Canada or the U.S.

Submit a claim

To file a claim, submit a request via our Claim Form, call us at 1-888-453-1088, or email us at

Get paid back by Furkin

Once your claim is approved, you’ll be paid back up to 80% of your vet bill for eligible expenses in as little as 48 hours via Direct Deposit.
With Furkin Pet Insurance, you get reimbursed 80% of your eligible expenses for accidents and illnesses. That’s up to $20,000 annually, less your deductible (if applicable).
See why people choose us
Reviews by real Furkin customers
If you're having doubts about getting Furkin pet insurance just read the Policy Document Online and compare. I highly recommend Furkin and have premium plans for both of my new fur babies. My monthly payments are 15% less and my deductible is 50% less than other companies. I chose Furkin because, for all eligible accidents, illnesses, and emergencies that require a vet visit, your exam fee is included in coverage whereas this is not always the case with other pet insurance companies and you only pay 20% out of pocket for claims.
Furkin pet insurance member review Stacy
Sherwood Park, AB
We adopted our little kitty Cricket in February of last year and after doing some research decided to get pet insurance through Furkin "just in case". So glad we did!! In just over a year she has been diagnosed with asthma and then struvite urinary crystals. Both of those diagnoses came with lots of tests, vet visits, and treatments. Furkin processed all our claims very quickly and I'm happy we chose them as our insurance provider.
Edmonton, AB
You guys were amazing from start to finish, if I had questions they were answered so quickly and payment was so fast…thank you soo much.
Victoria, BC
My poor pup broke her leg jumping off a couch and the vet said she would need surgery and would have to wear a splint for 4 weeks. I’m so glad I got insurance because the total cost came out to just under $8K and Furkin covered 80% of the cost. Well worth it and super thankful we have it or it would have been a very tough expense for me.
Furkin pet insurance member review Ashley
Toronto, ON
Such a quick and easy enrollment process, with a couple quick pictures of my fur baby’s spca papers! Very easy, very cheap, couldn’t ask for any better!!
Furkin member review shania
St. John's, NL
Before I committed to Furkin I called to speak to an agent. I did the same for other per insurance providers. Furkin’s agent was knowledgeable and very helpful. The call was about education and no high pressure sales. Other providers were extremely high pressure and didn’t answer all my concerns. After a 20 minute call with Furkin I enrolled my dog Moose in their insurance program. I feel now that I have a peace of mind if my dog gets ill or injured. I hope to never use my policy but it’s there when I need it.
Guelph, ON

Can we still go to our favourite vet?

With Furkin, you have the freedom to visit any licensed veterinarian, veterinary specialist, or emergency clinic in Canada or the United States. So, stick with your favourite veterinarian or try out a different provider if you wish. You are even covered if you’re on the road!


What’s awesome is that there are no referrals or pre-authorizations needed for specialists, either. Just visit the specialist your dog needs and submit a claim as usual.

Doggone great insurance at a competitive price

Canada pet insurance for dogs is a necessity for any pet owner looking to keep their pup healthy and their vet bills down. Fortunately, Furkin offers the comprehensive coverage your pet deserves at a price you can afford. Learn more about our age-based options:



Pet Age (Yrs) Dogs Cats
< 5 $100 $300 $750 $100 $300 $750
5 - 10 $300 $500 $950 $200 $400 $850
> 10 $500 $700 $1150 $300 $500 $950

Why Canadian dog owners choose Furkin

What makes us so Furkin awesome? Maybe it’s our sense of humour… or maybe it’s the amazing benefits we offer our fur families! We’ll let you decide.

$20,000 in annual coverage for your fur family

Furkin offers up to $20,000 of coverage every year. That means that even if you claim the full $20,000 in one year, those benefits will automatically renew the next year - and years after that.


Worry-free coverage on eligible conditions

Your coverage will apply to one single condition or towards multiple illnesses or accidents throughout the year, as long as you remain enrolled. Even better, Furkin’s Lifetime Coverage contains a “no lifetime limits” guarantee on all eligible conditions.

You decide your deductible!

Furkin Pet Insurance policies have a once-a-year deductible and you choose the right level for you. With our age-based deductibles, it helps keep your pet’s premiums as low as possible throughout their insured life. Learn more about our age-based deductibles.

Fast and friendly support

Supporting you and your policy is a connected community of pet lovers and pet care providers. We’ll jump at the chance to help – by phone, email, or chat – when you and your pets need us most! Phone and Live Chat support are available Monday - Friday, 6 am - 6 pm PT, and you can always contact us via email!

Furkin dog insurance covers what other providers may charge more for or not cover at all

Get the best Furkin dog insurance Canada has to offer

Frequently Asked Questions

In Canada, the average cost of dog insurance is approximately $64 a month.* At Furkin, we offer three deductible options for you to choose from, which helps you pick a monthly premium that’s right for you. Furkin is competitive with most other Canadian dog insurance providers – plus, we cover many items other companies charge extra for or don’t cover at all!


*Source: 2021 North American Pet Health Insurance Association (NAPHIA) Industry Data Report, Section 3: Average Premiums (Canada) / Industry average premium for dogs is $63.95/month

While dog insurance is not required in Canada, it is highly encouraged. Dog insurance helps protect you from high out-of-pocket costs for vet bills and unforeseen pet emergencies. Whether you live in British Columbia, Ontario, or Alberta, you and your pet can benefit from Canadian dog insurance coverage.

As a Canadian resident, you can purchase dog insurance to cover your pet. Whether it’s Furkin or another company, you simply choose your plan, enroll in coverage, and then submit a claim when you need reimbursement for your dog’s eligible health or emergency expenses.

Your annual deductible refers to the amount of money you, as a dog insurance customer, have to pay out of pocket each year before your insurance plan begins to cover eligible emergency vet or related expenses. Furkin offers a range of options for customers wanting a higher or lower annual deductible to best fit your financial needs.

Yes! Your Furkin Coverage can be cancelled at any time. 

You must request cancellation of your policy in writing to us by mail, fax, email, or by phone. Cancellation will take effect on the date we received your cancellation request. If your pet passes away, we’ll automatically backdate your cancellation to the date on which they passed away.

With Furkin Pet Insurance you get a 30-Day Free-Look Period when you enroll with us, where applicable. This means you have 30 days from your policy effective date to cancel without any financial obligation. In the event that you notify us to cancel your policy within that period, we will refund any part of the premium you have paid and your Policy will be void, so long as we have not reimbursed you for any claims. The enrollment fee, if applicable, is non-refundable.

With pet insurance, there are various factors that are used to determine initial premium costs. Your pet’s monthly premium is based on factors such as breed, gender, age, and geographic location. Learn more about pet insurance premiums.