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The Furkin Best Pet Insurance

Healthy Coverage Fur Your Family™

Are you ready to bounce back from unexpected vet bills with Furkin Pet Insurance? Our really simple coverage provides up to $20,000 per year fur your family.

Canadian pet parents trust Furkin for pet health insurance

What makes us so Furkin awesome? Maybe it’s our sense of humour… or maybe it’s the amazing benefits we provide for our fur families! We’ll let you decide.


$20,000 big ones every year

With up to $20,000 of Furkin coverage every year, you get a healthy amount of coverage for whatever might ail your pet. If you claim the full $20,000 in one year, those benefits will automatically renew the next. As long as you remain enrolled, your Furkin coverage helps keep you in the ballpark.

Your pet insurance, your way

With Furkin Pet Insurance, you have the power to personalize your pet insurance policy. You can choose between three annual deductibles, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for you and your pet’s needs.

Coverage that renews each year

Keep the ball rolling with lifetime coverage for your pet. No matter how much you claim, your annual benefits automatically renew for the next year and the year after that, and the year after that, and the year after that… That’s a lifetime of protection for your pet!

The sky’s the limit on ‘per conditions’

Some pet insurance plans put a cap on how much you can claim on a single condition. Not Furkin. Your Furkin Pet Insurance coverage can be applied to help your pet rebound from one single condition, or towards multiple illnesses or accidents, as they arise. Plus, there’s no lifetime limits on any eligible condition.

All rolled-up, we think it's the best coverage in Canada! Canadian flag

YOU and YOUR PET can bounce back from an accident or illness with Furkin Pet Insurance.

See what's covered:

Alternative therapies
Anesthesia and surgery
Applicable taxes
Blood tests
Cancer treatment
Diabetes treatment
Emergency care
Imaging (CT scans, MRI and X-Rays)
Medical procedures
Referral and specialist fees
Sick visit exam fees
Physical therapy
Prescription medications
Prescription food
Vomiting and diarrhea
...and much more!

Plus a package of healthy perks

These are just a few of the extras that round out your coverage.




Your coverage also includes:
  • Lost pet advertising & reward
  • Medical devices
  • Coverage while traveling
  • Boarding fees
  • Holiday trip cancellation
  • Prescription diet food
Read our full policy to see what’s covered, what’s not, and much more!
See why people choose us
Reviews by real Furkin customers
If you're having doubts about getting Furkin pet insurance just read the Policy Document Online and compare. I highly recommend Furkin and have premium plans for both of my new fur babies. My monthly payments are 15% less and my deductible is 50% less than other companies. I chose Furkin because, for all eligible accidents, illnesses, and emergencies that require a vet visit, your exam fee is included in coverage whereas this is not always the case with other pet insurance companies and you only pay 20% out of pocket for claims.
Furkin pet insurance member review Stacy
Sherwood Park, AB
We adopted our little kitty Cricket in February of last year and after doing some research decided to get pet insurance through Furkin "just in case". So glad we did!! In just over a year she has been diagnosed with asthma and then struvite urinary crystals. Both of those diagnoses came with lots of tests, vet visits, and treatments. Furkin processed all our claims very quickly and I'm happy we chose them as our insurance provider.
Edmonton, AB
You guys were amazing from start to finish, if I had questions they were answered so quickly and payment was so fast…thank you soo much.
Victoria, BC
My poor pup broke her leg jumping off a couch and the vet said she would need surgery and would have to wear a splint for 4 weeks. I’m so glad I got insurance because the total cost came out to just under $8K and Furkin covered 80% of the cost. Well worth it and super thankful we have it or it would have been a very tough expense for me.
Furkin pet insurance member review Ashley
Toronto, ON
Such a quick and easy enrollment process, with a couple quick pictures of my fur baby’s spca papers! Very easy, very cheap, couldn’t ask for any better!!
Furkin member review shania
St. John's, NL
Before I committed to Furkin I called to speak to an agent. I did the same for other per insurance providers. Furkin’s agent was knowledgeable and very helpful. The call was about education and no high pressure sales. Other providers were extremely high pressure and didn’t answer all my concerns. After a 20 minute call with Furkin I enrolled my dog Moose in their insurance program. I feel now that I have a peace of mind if my dog gets ill or injured. I hope to never use my policy but it’s there when I need it.
Guelph, ON

Shoulda, woulda, coulda

You’ve been putting it off, but now you’re here. We understand that your pet’s risk of illness or injury is serious, because we see hundreds of claims each day. There’s no reason to drag your paws any longer.

If you’ve looked at pet insurance coverage before, but didn’t bite – it’s time for some Furkin Pet Insurance!
How can we help? We’d love to hear from you. We are here to help and answer any questions you may have.